Tracking is the New Black

Tracking is the New Black

About me

Hi, I’m Sophie.

I am @trackingisthenewblack

I’m an everyday woman, a Mom, a music lover and a foodie.

I blog about my adventures in achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle over on Instagram.

I hope to help inspire you along your journey while sharing mine.

My journey

I believe that eating well and being active doesn’t have to be difficult or unattainable. But I wasn’t always a believer.

I struggled to balance my life: a busy Mom with two kids, full time jobs, unhealthy habits, failed attempts at multiple diets (it ends well I promise).

I was time-poor and overwhelmed. In truth, back then I couldn’t see a way to achieve a healthy sense of self in a way that was realistic. I was 60 lbs overweight and I felt defeated. I needed a new outlook, a strategy: something attainable.

Here’s a little secret… I dropped these kind of fad diets for good. Do you want to know how?

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My focus

I shifted my focus from just losing weight, to creating a balanced lifestyle. Because I absolutely hated following joyless diets, they were difficult to stick to. I needed something sustainable.

The key is not to get overwhelmed by your huge goal, instead think about what works for you in your every day life and build up your confidence! Focus on the small steps. Try and enjoy the journey, because this is for the long-term. You may have a different way of thinking. But this is the decision that changed things for me, a choice: that life isn’t just about my end goal, it’s about my journey, my everyday.

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My approach

The everyday lifestyle I wanted is one where all foods fit, activity feels good, and no putting myself on the back burner anymore. Forever.

I don’t have all the answers but I’ve learned a few things in my quest for feeling good, leading a healthier life altogether. Over the years, keeping track of how my everyday choices add up to overall wellness has become a healthy habit for me. Be realistic. Keep it simple. Keep track. Small changes add up.

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